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He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions
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Can we have our ceremony anywhere and at any time?
Yes, you can have your ceremony at a venue of your choice.  Some locations require permissions and you do need to make sure that conditions are suitable.  For weddings, after completing your legal ceremony, your ceremony can be held at many, alternative, unusual or traditional locations.  Venues might be:

in woodlands, on a beach, in a marquee, at your home, at a village hall or on a train.

Your ceremony can be held at any time, if it is safe to do so.  Alternative times might be at

sunset, dawn, night time or moon rise.  Certain times may incur a supplementary fee.


Can you plan and write the full ceremony, or can we write readings or vows and how much does that cost?
Yes, I can write your complete ceremony following my getting to know you, either face to face or via video call.  My time is dedicated to writing and delivering your ceremony, not the planning of the day be that a wedding, memorial, or a naming ceremony.  Your ceremony will be even more special if you do decide to write something special or create your own vows.  Please refer to the fees page for costings.

Can we share gifts or exchange rings?
Yes, you can share meaningful gifts with a loved one, family or friends and exchange rings at a wedding ceremony.

Can our ceremony be alternative, unusual or include a pet?
Yes, each ceremony is individual and you may wish it to be unusual or traditional.  Ceremonies can include a pet. However, please do nominate someone attending to take care of your pet during the ceremony, if necessary.

Can we include spiritual readings, songs or poems?

Yes, I am an independent celebrant, not a humanist celebrant; which means that I am able and happy to lead a spiritual reading. You can include song and music, and you can invite guests to speak, read a poem or make a dedication. 

Do we have to sign a register, receive a certificate or have a rehearsal?
None of the ceremonies I conduct require the signing of a register or issuing of a certificate.  It is not usually necessary to have a rehearsal for any ceremony as I will have met and communicated with you. However, if you would like a run through it can be arranged. I will provide a full copy of the ceremony which can be discuss and amend as you would like.

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